Yucatan Cenote Featured at www.LetsGoPDC.com

Yucatan Cenote Featured at www.LetsGoPDC.com

Yucatan Cenote Featured at http://www.LetsGoPDC.com

This year, all kinds of groups seem to be in a search to learn more about the intriguing and legendary cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula! In addition to cartography experts and skilled divers, now local universities are joining in to study the region’s cenotes in an effort to preserve them for centuries to come.

Specialists at the city of Merida’s Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana (Metropolitan University of Techonology) and the Secretaría de Desarrollo Urbano y Medio Ambiente (Secretary of Urban Development and Environment) are teaming up to generate 3D images of Yucatan’s cenotes in order to monitor and register how they change over time. The project will take place in more than 200 cenotes and underground rivers throughout the area, which will be equipped with 3D electronic cards. All parties involved hope that the project will help the local population in caring for and preserving Yucatan’s precious cenotes with increased knowledge and awareness.

The 3D project is also bringing in university students majoring in Digital Animation Design in order to pass on the information and technology to a future generation.

In the past, this exciting 3D technology has already been pioneered in ancient Mayan cities at sites such as the Observatory at Uxmal, Cacaxtla, and the Ball Court and Temple of the Warriors at Chichen Itza. This new undertaking marks the first time the technology will be used in cenotes, so it will be fascinating to see what kind of new information the images bring.

The project began just last week as 3D images were taken at Tza Ujukat cenote in the municipality of Homún, Yucatan. The images will be used to follow up on any changes in the geography of these underwater caves. http://ow.ly/i/2TFYu


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