Sunday, February 5: The show will take place from 10am – 5pm. The show will include parachutists, airplane stunts, ultralight planes, radio controlled planes, motorcycle stunts, exotic & sports car show, and navy exhibition.

Pilots will include Patty Wagstaff, Skip Stewart, Fred Cabanas, Carlos Dardando and Gary Ward.

The Aerodome is located at Km 11.2 on the Carretera Costera Sur (the south coastal road). Taxis from the ferry dock to the aerodrome will cost 20 pesos, and discounted ferry tickets are available. Just fill out this form to get coupons for nearly 50% off the regular fare. Valid on February 4th & 5th onl Promovision va contigo!There will be an air show this weekend at the Captain Eduardo Toledo Aerodrome in Cozumel, February 4-5. Admission is free.

Cozumel Air Show Feb 5 featured at

Cozumel Air Show Feb 5 featured at

Cozumel Air Show Feb 5