Tequila Fest Riviera Maya Jan 26- 29, 2012

Tequila Fest Riviera Maya Jan 26 - 29

Tequila Fest Riviera Maya Jan 26 - 29

MEXICO,  inside and outside the country, is very difficult  to conceive it and understand it without mariachi bands, color, joy and definitely without TEQUILA.  These are very well known and transcendental parts of its roots, its idiosyncrasy and soul.

It is certain that no other spirituous drink in the world, is surrounded by so many myths and legends, and is identified with a culture like the Tequila.   Starting from this conception and an authentic feeling, a dream was born and slowly has become a reality.
Proud of being Mexicans and lovers of the country’s most important drink, we want to spread all around the world the culture of our Tequila.  With this idea in mind Tequila Fest is conceived ………………….

With the purpose of exalting our ancestors drink “TEQUILA”
root of our culture,  we decided to establish as an objective the dissemination of its cultural spectrum and flavors,  from Mexico and around the whole world, enhanced by the most spectacular natural scenery of our country, the Mayan Riviera.

Includes Exhibition, Regional Music and Dances, Tasting and Food Matching,  Tequila Lectures, Course, and Tasting.