Triathlon Xel-Há 2011

Triathlon Xel-Há 2011.

Green Triathlon Xel-Ha


                                            The Mexican Federation of Triathlon (FMRTI), has introduced for this year the iniciative Triathlon Green Sport that aims turning the triathlete community of the country into a more respectful society towards our environment. By being held in natural areas, the triathlon has a living relationship with nature and a responsibility with the planet. Some of the actions that can be seen from now on for several Organizing Committees, to have the seal of Triathlon Green Sport are:

  • Separation of organic garbage, plastic, cardboard and metal.
  • Waste reduction.
  • Maximum use of electronic means of communication.
  • Reuse of materials.
  • Using environmentally friendly materials.

This initiative is an invitation to the public in general to be kinder to the environment, we will be sharing more information about this topic soon.

Triatlón Deporte verde “la meta es el planeta”

The mission of Xel-Há is to be a sustainable tourist recreation company and a model of social responsibility. Therefore, Xel-Há joins the initiative by the Mexican Triathlon Federation (FMTRI)to promote triathlon as a green sport, whose aim is to raise community awareness on the proper use of resources with a sustainable vision. The third edition of Xel-Há Triathlon covers various actions aimed at protecting the environment and the spreading of good practices among participants, among which are:

  • Use sun blockers and sunscreens free of chemicals
  • Separation of inorganic waste for its recycling
  • Use of organic waste to produce compost used as fertilizer to green areas
  • Use of biodegradable materials and supplies to protect the environment (eg cleaning products free of chemicals, recyclables materials, etc.).
  • Reducing the use of printed material replacing it by greater use of electronic means for communication
  • Donation of 50% of the fee to the Turtle Conservation Programme headed by Flora, Fauna y Cultura de México, A.C.
  • Integration of the community (volunteers) in organizing the event, promoting good environmental practices, and sport among young people
  • Rehabilitation of roads (road triathlon off-site), with cleaning and collection of more than 2 tons of waste

                            The Natural Wonder Xel-Há, with the support of the Triathlon Association of the State of Quintana Roo and in coordination with the Commission for Youth and Sport of Quintana Roo, the Institute of Youth and Sports of the city council of Tulum and Cozumel, sponsors and the Mexican Triathlon Federation, invite you to be part of the greatest sporting event.

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